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2015-Apr-24 - near the rear of the buildin

3 Teenaged Girls Charged With Robbery

A trio of teen girls in the Chicago suburb of Palatine have been charged with armed robbery after police say they assaulted a pre teen boy with a glass ketchup bottle and made off with valuables.

The 12 year old victim told police one of the girls came to his home in the 400 block of East Osage Lane in Palatine last Wednesday night asking for his older sister, the Sun Times reports.

Police say the girl later returned with three other teens and asked to use the bathroom. The boy let the girls inside and once his back was turned, a girl allegedly hit him with a ketchup bottle she was carrying, the Tribune reports.

"It was a pretty big cut," Palatine Police Sgt. Dave Weeks said of the boy's wounds. The boy's sister called police after she returned home and found him injured. The Tribune reports he was taken to an area hospital and treated with "multiple, non life threatening cuts."

Two of the suspects rifled through the house, taking $50 in cash, two cell phones and miscellaneous jewelry, Palatine Patch reports according to a release from the Palatine Police Department.

Three of the teens turned themselves in Friday, admitting to the crime in a written statement, Patch reports. The sister, who police say was a "former friend" of the suspects, was able to identify three of louboutin shoes replica the girls. Police are seeking a fourth suspect.

Vanessa Mejia, 17, and Sendi Ocampo, replica christian louboutin 18, both of Palatine, were charged with armed robbery; an unnamed 16 year old girl was charged as a juvenile and moved to Chicago's Juvenile Justice Detention Center on Friday night.

Bond was set at $200,000 for Mejia and Ocampo, who were scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, according to the Cook County Sheriff's christian louboutin shoes replica Office. Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, said Mitcham's next door neighbor went to speak with him Jan. 2. The neighbor, who is also Mitcham's landlord, told detectives she opened the door to his mobile home and saw him attacking her dog. The mixed breed female was taken to a veterinarian, who recovered a DNA sample. Tanna said Mitcham was arrested Monday after his DNA profile matched the sample recovered from the dog.

This camouflage might replica louboutin shoes work well in nature, but it really stands out in the police station. Oregon investigators believe Gregory Liascos, 36, was wearing this "ghillie" camouflage when he attempted to break into the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals last week. After setting off alarms, the suspect allegedly fled into a wooded area nearby. Officers only found Liascos when a police dog bit what appeared to be a patch of grass which yelped in pain. On Oct. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A Hot Spot store clerk told Spartanburg County deputies that a Cowpens man put his private parts inside one of the store's money deposit bags. The clerk told deputies the man, later identified as 47 year old Alan Ray Walker, entered the store Sunday night while carrying ice cream. The man headed for the restroom. After about 15 minutes, the clerk walked to the store's office, near the rear of the building, and saw the man walk out of the office with his penis inside a plastic "money bag" and his pants on the floor, according to an incident report. Walker was charged with indecent exposure, grand larceny, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and unlawfully having a handgun, according to arrest warrants.

Investigators in El Paso County, Colo., say Jack Herbst caused of damage to his neighbor's property while driving a front end loader all because the victim owed him On March 9, Herbst allegedly drove the construction vehicle onto Ronald Morphis' property, wrecking part of his home, his garage, campers, trailer, propane tank, classic cars and more than a dozen mature elm trees. Police apprehended Morphis on felony criminal mischief charges after finding tire tracks leading from the scene of the crime to the suspect's home.

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2015-Apr-24 - average of viewers in states

William WestmorelandEven if Animal Services doesn win the $100,000 grand prize, it still can win $25,000 for community involvement chanel michael kors handbags on sale The design of Chanel flap bags, 2009 spring and summer designs chi hair straightener gold chain has a distinctive personal touch Summer Special rate is good for new subscribers who have not been a Press subscriber for at least 30 days South Africa: ElephantsWhile elephant poaching isrisingin many parts of Africa, South Africa is facing the opposite problem: there too manyVideo by Times photojournalists Chris Zuppa, Dirk Shadd and Will Vragovic; Edited by Chris Zuppa; Hosted by Marc Topkin However, the pilot and at least two passengers are missing

, and Robert F All donations are tax deductible In this instance, you are simply stretching the lower lip a bit, and the fingertips Cheap Snapbacks Hats are not in the airstream Summer Special rate is good for new subscribers who have not been a Press subscriber for at least 30 daysThe operator, who had five years experience and been through training just two days before the chi hair straighteners incident, was "severed" from the company, he added Shortly before his death he had lost his job at a fibers plant in the city We had a game later that day, and we all were a mess," Frazier said

The Madison, Ala While he may be keeping what he did a secret from the others, he can't keep it from the Observers, and the one he encountered told him, "I know what you have done They are designed for vehicles to enter, merge, circulate, Wholesale Snapbacks change lanes and exit at relatively high speeds 30 to 50 mphABC to air CMA Fest special on August 5The three hour special will feature performances from country music's biggest superstars during the annual CMA Fest held in June Garry McCarthy and other local police chiefsIn 2010, Indianamade it easierfor people to store guns in their vehicles in a workplace parking lotPornhub, one of the world's biggest porn sites, set out to answer the question, "Do the states with legalized gay marriage watch more gay porn than the states where it is still illegal?"In every single state in the South, the percentage of viewers, or viewers of gay porn, is higher than the average of viewers in states that allow gay marriage, according to their data

This is OUR communityMany celebrities are willing to pose for PETA in various stages of dress and undress"It's an ode to the team," said Curt Mosel, vice president of marketing and public relations for ArtsQuest, a Bethlehem nonprofit The more positive we are, the more we pair positive words and concepts togetherNo construction is planned for the north side, where the Hesburgh Library mural popularly called "Touchdown Jesus" faces the stadium Make a reservation several days in advance to have your equipment waiting for you when you arriveAZ mom who left kids in car not unemployed or homelessPHOENIX (CBS5) A Valley mother accused of leaving her children in the car while she went on a job interview was actually working and had a home address, the Maricopa County Attorney said

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2015-Apr-24 - periencing pain during or afte

8 Strength Training Tips for Women

I know strength training builds muscle mass and keeps my bones strong. So I drag myself to the gym a few mornings a week, use a couple of the less sweated upon machines, and pat myself on the back. But that's about all the effort I've given it until now.

One of my goals for the year is to actually try a strength training program designed by someone smarter and more experienced about this stuff than I am. Our chat centered on some of the misconceptions that everyone but particularly women have about weight training. Here's some of what I learned:

I'm an endurance junkie, so for better or worse, running or cycling for a few hours at a time will always be part of my life. But if you aren't training for a half marathon and your goal is to pare some fat from your bod and make your jeans fit better, Cosgrove says a weightlifting program coupled with intervals alternating high intensity bursts of riding a stationary bike or running with a recovery period is preferable to plodding along at the same slow pace. "When it comes to fat loss and enhancing the way you look, time is the limiting factor," he says. The program in his book calls for three days a week of strength training, with and without intervals, for a combined time of less than an hour per workout.

Lift three times a week.

Two will offer some benefits, and one is better than nothing but isn't going to do much good. By contrast, more than three is not likely to give you enough time to recover in between workouts, which is when the White Leather Private Number 120mm strengthening of your muscles is happening. (Government recommendations for heart health include 30 minutes of the equivalent of brisk walking most days, so you might want to add a few days of that to this routine it's not going to interfere with recovery from the weights.)

You Red Patent Leather Private Number 120mm need to lift enough weight to make it worthwhile.

Women often choose light weights that they think will magically shape and tone the muscles, whereas men will go right for the big bang kind of exercises," says Cosgrove. Uh, guilty as charged. I tend to use machines that focus on one muscle at a time because squats with a barbell intimidate me. Cosgrove favors free weights: "You can sit on a machine and do a leg extension, or you can spent a minute doing squats, working many more muscles and being much more time effective," he says." Sold, to the woman in the pink running shorts!

You need to increase the weight over time.

Cosgrove suggests you let the number of repetitions dictate how much weight you start with. Pick a weight that you can definitely lift eight, maybe 10, but definitely not 12 times. Ideally, you'd increase that weight a smidgen every time you do the routine, but since most weights come in 5 pound increments, he suggests this instead: Do 10 reps in a set the first time, then 11, then 12, and once you're doing sets of 12, increase the weight and go back to 10 reps per set. (His program calls for different numbers of sets, depending on the stage, but two to three sets for 10 to 12 reps is a good rule of thumb.)

Don't waste your time doing exercises that only work your smaller muscles.

Machines that isolate the calf, biceps, and triceps muscles aren't doing much good, says Cosgrove. "Muscles are like a web and work as a system," he says. "They're designed to work together." Doing exercises like presses, rows, and pulldowns lets those little muscles work the way they're supposed to: in concert with the bigger ones.

Toss the standard back on the floor crunches.

Straining against the hard ground isn't doing your spine any favors, and you aren't working the full range of your abdominal muscles. Instead, Cosgrove recommends other ab exercises, including crunches on an inflatable ball (which are cushier on your back and let you reach the full range of motion) and a deceptively innocent sounding move called a plank, where you hold your body straight in a modified push up position, propping yourself on toes and forearms.

One size "proper form" does not always fit all.

You don't want Black Glitter Len8 100mm to be so caught up with the so called rules of an exercise ("Don't lock your elbows!" "Don't let your knee move past your toes!") that you are petrified to Pink Glitter Len8 100mm even start. Everyone's body is different. So if your basic technique is correct, and you aren't experiencing pain during or after a workout, you're probably OK, he says. One visible test: "My usual rule is that the first rep and the last rep should look the same, though the last rep will be slower."

Don't worry you aren't going to get huge.

It's not easy even for men to get so they look like those folks on the cover of

Muscle Fitness magazine. For women, because of our lower levels of testosterone, it's definitely not going to happen, unless you have some off the charts genetic propensity to pile on muscle and are spending your entire day working out. Worry about global warming, worry about whether Heidi will marry Spencer from

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2015-Apr-24 - close range but he hit the pos

Argentina v Australia

Both sides scored two tries apiece, the difference being the trusty boot of Pumas fly half Nicolas Sanchez and controversially, a laser pen trained on the eye of Wallabies fly half Bernard Foley as he took a vital penalty in the second half.

Argentina were stunned by a brilliant start from the visitors who marched into a 14 0 lead after 13 minutes through tries to hulking centre Tevita Kuridrani after the hosts spilled the ball and No 8 Scott Pink Patent Leather Fifi Sling 80mm Higginbotham.

The Pumas hit back on 35 in superb style. After 13 phases of attack, No 8 Leonardo Senatore crossed in the right corner for a rousing team try.

Sanchez failed with the conversion but slotted his first points from Purple Suede Ostri Sling 100mm a penalty on the stroke of half time to cut Australia's lead to 14 8.

The tiring Australians lost their discipline in the second half, with two men sin binned by referee Nigel Owens. Scrum half Nick Phipps was the first, shortly after the break and Sanchez slotted his second penalty to make it 14 11.

The Aussies thought Kuridrani had scored in the corner, only for the TMO to rule it out after a lengthy video review, but Foley Black Patent Leather Fifi Sling 100mm did convert a penalty to restore his side six point lead.

But then the hosts took over.

Winger Juan Imhoff crossed for the Pumas' second try and Sanchez's conversion put the hosts ahead for the first Black Suede Ostri Sling 100mm time in the 53rd minute, 18 17.

With ten minutes left, Foley had a chance to put his team back in front with a penalty kick from close range but he hit the post after having a laser pointed at his face from the crowd.

Dangerous challengeOn 74, a harsh yellow card saw Wallabies captain Michael Hooper sin binned for a dangerous challenge on Sanchez and the fly half nailed the penalty. The Aussies could find no way back and the Pumas held on for a momentous victory.

The win, in the final round of the tournament, was Argentina's first over Australia since 1997, and ended a run of eight straight international defeats, including the summer tours.

The closest the Pumas had come to victory in the Championship was in their maiden tournament in 2012, a 16 16 draw with South Africa at the same Malvinas Argentinas stadium.

They finish with the wooden spoon again, with New Zealand having successfully sealed a hat trick of trophies by beating the Pumas away in La Plata in the penultimate round.

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2015-Apr-24 - navy pinstripes after his fi

5 things you need to know this weekend

Antietam National Battlefield Park is free of charge on National Public Lands Day. In 2013, about 175,000 volunteers served at 2,237 sites in every state, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. The event has been a yearly tradition since 1994. (Photo: Kyle Johnson, Your Take)

2. PotatoStock 2014, a Blue PVC Suspenodo Sling 100mm charity event, will feature bands, food trucks and 300 lbs. of potato salad. That's a lot of potato salad! According to the Columbus Dispatch, Brown is working to start an endowment that will aid area charities that fight hunger and homelessness.

Zach Brown asked for $10 on Kickstarter in early July to buy ingredients to make his first bowl of potato salad. His effort attracted worldwide attention as the amount of money raised continued to grow. (Photo: Chris Russell, The Columbus Dispatch via AP)

3. Live from New Yorkit's vintage Saturday Night Live!

The show celebrates 40 years with SNL Vintage, a weekly look back at iconic episodes pulled from the show's first 39 seasons. ET/PT, features Chevy Chase and guest host Richard Pryor playing a little Word Association in a famous sketch.

4. Ryder Black Ostri Sling 120mm Cup ends

Fans gather to watch European players Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Martin Kaymer, and Thomas Bjorn play the second hole during practice for the 2014 Ryder Cup at The Gleneagles Hotel PGA Centenary Course. USA TODAY Sports blogger Chris Chase believes the USA has a chance to come back from Nude PVC Suspenodo Sling 80mm Gleneagles, Scotland, with its first Ryder Cup in six years and its second victory since 2000. Here are five reasons why.

5. Derek Jeter's last game ever, ever

The Yankee is retiring after the 2014 season and although we've already said farewell in his last home game at Yankee Stadium, there's still one more goodbye left. Jeter officially hangs up his navy pinstripes after his final game against the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sunday. The Red Sox are planning a low key ceremony.

New York Yankees Derek Jeter smiles as he runs up the first base line hitting a solo home run for his 3,000 career hit. Jeter plays his final game in Boston on Sunday. (Photo: Shannon Stapleton, Reuters)

Bonus! Chelsea Clinton announces birth of baby girl Charlotte

Chelsea Pink Patent Leather Gardnera 120mm Clinton, 34, tweeted on Sept. 27, "Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky." She also posted the message to her official Facebook account.

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